How to dance Azonto

Azonto, is fast becoming the dance of our times. It is fast spreading like bush fire. People just love to dance the Azonto. This dance is associated with some great feeling, that makes you dance for more. Not a single day will pass without seeing someone dancing the Azonto. It is common people dancing it during occasions. But during the ordinary days, where ever you hear music flowing, it is likely you will see someone dancing the Azonto on streets.

The Azonto madness is all over people and the mention of Azonto leaves laughing on the faces of people. The next thing they do is to start doing the Azonto steps. It is danced like, first twisting the right foot continuously right to left, whiles the right hand is raised up and down and the right hand crosses the left hand up and down. The next step is to have a fist with both hands, you cross the right fist across the left fist and reciprocal at the face level. Normally, it will seem like boxing an opponent whiles your legs also do the left and right moves.

Most dance of our country comes from most soccer players, I quiet remember a Dance danced by Michael Osei a former Kumasi Asante Kotoko FC player after he scored an important goal. A dance (Emba) emerged and soon many people were dancing it. There are similarities between Emba dance and Azonto dance

There is a similar situation here, the Azonto dance emerged during the 2010 World Cup when Ghanaian Striker Asamoah Gyan was seen dancing the Azonto after he scored an important goal, From there Ghanaians adopted this danced. Through innovation and creativity people dance the Azonto their own way and it is so nice to watch. They have added their own style and way making it great.

One of the things which is selling and promoting Ghana high is the Azonto dance. It is not surprising to see people dancing it on the streets of New York, London and other places in the world. It is incredible and easy too to dance.

You will get your mind blown when you see children dancing Azonto. They do it like something and they go extent to teach their curious parents who wants to learn how to dance the Azonto.

I try dancing it and it was so marvelous. Within a short time I was able to do the dance to attract comment. Some one just said ,”I like what you are doing, its great” Now I can also dance the Azonto well, well